Invader Cold Brew Kit Bundle

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Invader Coffee is your one stop shop for making delicious cold brew coffee at the convenience of anywhere. No mess! All you need is a glass of water and a cold pod. With this bundle you get 2 viking ship mason jars and 10 pods. Instructions on how to brew are included in the kit. Great for camping and traveling!

Cold brew is ready in 8-12 hours.

Our cold brew is made with our regular Invader blend. This is a nice smooth balanced, bright and rich medium roast- Central/South American blend. 

**Not iced coffee**

Cold brew is a brewing technique which allows the beans to sit in the water for 8-12 hours. Most cold brew takes 18-24. Due to this process it extracts the caffeine from the bean and the oils, giving you a more concentrated, higher caffeinated cold beverage without all the acidity.