Invader Coffee Custom Hand Soap

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6.00 Ounces


Whether you're right off the range, covered in grime and sweat, or a bad ass working mom getting her hands dirty, these uniquely handcrafted soaps are made from the finest natural ingredients to give you an especially quality product.

Each ingredient is chosen to enhance cleansing ability, yet protect and care for your skin. The Invader Coffee will gently exfoliate, while shea butter and almond oils moisturize and protect.

Handcrafted soaps clean without stripping your skin of its oils. It leaves a thin layer of this glycerine on your skin to moisturize and smooth your skin.

The bars are cut and wrapped by hand into kick-ass designs!

Some bars contain cosmetic grade fragrance oils for scent instead of essential oils and these are noted with an asterisk (*).


*If you have any allergens/bad reactions to caffeine, coffee, or scented products please be aware this contains those and you're using at your own risk. Invader Coffee is not held reliable or responsible.