Cold Brew Pods

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12 Pods included.

Why wait over 24 hours for a strong cup of cold brew coffee? With Invader Coffee Cold Brew Pods, you don't have to! Each pod yields a single serving (8 oz.) and only takes 8 hours to brew to perfection! 

Each single serving is individually packed so every cup is fresh, crisp, and full of flavor. 

The unique micro-mesh filtration and specific grind profile optimize the flavor of Invader Coffee while cutting out the acidity and long wait time. 

Use one pod for one cup at a time, or multiple pods for larger batches. 

Take it on the go! Make a cup at home, at the office, or when you're traveling. These lightweight cold brew pods are a game changer. All you need is a cup, a pod, and some water! 



1.) Open pouch.

2.) Place single pod in a 12 oz glass.

3.) Pour 4 oz. room temp water in glass.

4.) Brew in fridge or at room temp. for at least 8 hours, no more than 12 hours.

5.) After brewing, remove pod and discard.

6.) Add 4 oz. of water or milk + ice to create pure coffee greatness.